The 88 referred to in the title is 88 Green Lane and better known as Wharncliffe Works.

Wharncliffe Works. Kelham
Wharncliffe Works. Kelham

Built c1861 for Steel & Garland, manufacturers of stoves, grates and fenders. At some stage it is believed that Bowie knives were once made here and rumour has it that a knife called the Wharncliffe Whitler gained its name from these premises. The Works were awarded a Grade II listing in 1988 but seem to have been in a state of deterioration ever since. All that is about to change as it has finally been sold, which we thought would never happen. The well known Sheffield firm of Henry Hall Ltd who used to be based in the rather splendid 1865 former United Methodist Free Chapel opposite Nether Edge Hospital but who are now based just off Parkway, have bought the Works and intend to turn it into offices. This is excellent news for nearby Cornish Place residents as it will remove an eyesore which must have been bugging them for sometime. Nothing major is planned, and it will basically be a wash and brush-up. Nevertheless, it must be done sympathetically and all work will be closely monitored. Many of the windows will need to be replaced as will the guttering and plastic drainpipes which must have more suitable replacements.

Unfortunately very little is left of the original interior except cast iron columns and fireplaces but there are some interesting brickwork features.

Wharncliffe Works. Kelham
Wharncliffe Works. Kelham

Externally, the main feature which you will have all seen from Penistone Road is the original ashlar entrance pediment which shows the name – Wharncliffe Works. This is basically sound but has some layers of paint on it and when these have been removed should reveal its former glory. Further down the Green Lane Range of buildings is a smaller ashlar entrance portico which also needs a good clean and it is thought that this would have been the main customer entrance as the stairway behind it leads to what would have been the showrooms and offices.

The Cornish Range on Cornish Street is in slightly worse condition and has suffered fire damage in the past but nevertheless is restorable. Two ashlar keystones need to be replaced and both ranges of buildings needs lots of painting and brick cleaning to make them presentable again. Lots of timber replacement is also needed plus major repairs to the roof and all this is prior to the office fit-out, so all in all quite a task.

However, the end product will be well worth it and whether the offices are for self-use or letting the main point is that an important part of Sheffield’s manufacturing history will have been brought back to life and into use.


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  • April 29, 2018 at 9:03 pm

    Much of the interior had already been lost when the building was listed and a fire in the Cornish Street range didn’t help.
    On the plus side, some sources state that Bowie Knives were made here, and perhaps a knife called the Wharncliffe Whittler.

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