Lyceum theatre
Lyceum theatre

If you care about Sheffield’s Heritage
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Hallamshire Historic Buildings has very grave concerns about Sheffield City Council’s proposal to dismantle the Planning Dept’s conservation team, a move which would see the two remaining Conservation Officers lose their jobs.

Should this plan go ahead external consultants would be brought in, on an ad hoc basis, to replace the Conservation Officer roles. We fear we will then see big developers given little resistance as they further erode our city’s heritage.

The move would also almost certainly mean the termination of the Conservation Advisory Group. This is a panel of professionals who give their time once a month, free of charge, to offer the Planning Dept the benefit of their vast expertise on planning applications that have a heritage impact. The HHB has been represented on this panel for over 30 years.

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  • November 20, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Can anyone be surprised?The council and University have in my lifetime destroyed a large part of the Sheffield heritage and for years blighted huge areas of Sheffield.For years it was not possible to borrow on property around Crookesmoor because of the University.Older properties particularly Georgian were destroyed around Western Bank.The council were only stopped from the total destruction of Walkley by a determined group,the WAG.It all continues.
    The pillage by the University carries on with the destruction of the Star and Garter,the filling in of the Crookesmoor dam for a sportsfield is now to be replaced with yet more buildings,and whole areas of Crookes and Walkley are now student ghettos with the blessing of the Council and the local MP who I have long urged(in vain of course) to act.
    Can anyone tell me why the council should pay for officers who may, if they are brave, advise the council who have rarely if ever cared about our heritage on issues on which the council want to proceed without impediment?A council which having agreed to the wholesale destruction of our trees commissions officers to ask how we can better protect our environment.Get real.

  • November 23, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Hi Howard and all at HHS – good work running the petition. What a terrible decision by the Council- of course the city’s heritage will be damaged by losing in-house officers. I really hope you make them change their minds !
    The CAG is also a really important independent group that helps put a brake on damaging schemes.


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