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News (just before Christmas) of the imminent demolition of Castlegate’s Market Tavern was met with great sadness. Sheffield Council’s Building Control team had deemed the building unsafe and said it must come down.

Sad resignation has now been replaced by questions – why does this building have to go down?… has there been a proper analysis of options to save it?

Money has already been assigned to this building, within the £15.76 million Castlegate regeneration scheme. How much more money will it cost to secure the building before refurbishing it?

This is a landmark building in the heart of Castlegate with a rich history. History is important, but even in its dilapidated state we can see that this is a quality building, with rich decoration and attractive stonework.. It has been known by various names, mostly as the Rotherham House. It has actually been rebuilt twice, first opening in 1797 with this last version being built in 1914.   It was a well known building, often used for public meetings.

The immediate area around the pub is being redeveloped. The pub once stood in the midst of Castle Market, and was frequented by market traders, but Castle Market was demolished in 2014.  For almost ten years this flattened area has been waiting, and the pub itself has been unused since 2006. It’s in a state but long promised regeneration is coming and with everything that is happening in Sheffield now the potential for the area is clear. This building, and the Mudford Building next door both add great character.  Made safe, cleaned up and restored, we know that buildings of this quality, in the midst of new developments add real value, including financial value. Buildings like this help to create a sense of place and hold an area together, making the new developments that surround them more desirable.  Sheffield Council clearly has been aware of this, given that money has been put aside to help with the restoration.

What has happened is that once the chimneys have been examined, more fundamental problems have emerged. The tone has turned very quickly from optimistic regeneration to a decision, somewhere, to give up on this building.

With the building still standing – just – Hallamshire Historic Buildings is asking for an urgent discussion and analysis of options.  Why rush into demolition now?  Members of the Andalus Community Centre based in the Mudfords building next door have been told the Market Tavern has been secured and they can safely return.

How much more money (on top of what has been assigned) is needed to secure the building?  In giving up now, has Sheffield Council taken the real value of this building into consideration?

One thing is for sure: it will be a travesty if such a good building as this is allowed to be demolished before there is any clear idea of what it would take to save it.

Save the Market Tavern
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2 thoughts on “Save the Market Tavern

  • January 9, 2024 at 4:36 pm

    Intact since the market demolition and nothing done with it since January 2016. Now look at the state of it. Problem needs to be resolved soon before it too late

  • January 9, 2024 at 5:51 pm

    We’ve lost enough historical buildings because of SCC shortsighted decisions.


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